Glen A. Phillips

Zoning Administrator


Cell: (989) 551-7978

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Zoning Department

Zoning Administrator Responsibilities

The Zoning Administrator is responsible for ensuring compliance with zoning ordinances, reviewing applications for site plans, special land use, rezoning requests, sign variances, and variances to zoning ordinances. The Zoning Administrator also issues zoning permits for building additions/modifications. The Zoning Administrator is also responsible for general enforcement of township regulatory ordinances and is authorized to issue Municipal Civil Infractions for violations. 

Click the image icon to the left to view the current Marlette Township Zoning Ordinance. 

Click the Icon to the left to open the Pre-Application for Land Use - Ag/Residential

Land Use Applicants must have a Pre-Application for land use, building and/or special-use permit approved by Marlette Township before an building permit can be issued by the Sanilac County Building Department. Construction must conform to ALL Marlette Township Zoning Ordinances in effect at the time of issuance o the permit. The Pre-Application form must be completely filled out and must include a detailed site plan or site drawing. The site will be subjected to an on-site inspection by the proper official(s) of Marlette Township. 

Marlette Township requires a non-refundable inspection fee per site or building payable to "Marlette Township" BEFORE any inspections can take place. 

A fifty ($50.00) dollar performance bond will also be due at that time and will be refunded upon the return of the signed "Completed and Approved" Land Use Permit Review form as provided by the Sanilac County Building Department. If you decide to not start your project you will need to contact the Zoning Administrator and the fifty ($50.00) dollar performance bond will be returned via check issued by the Township Clerk. Failure to notify the Zoning Administrator or failure to return the review form will result in your performance bond being forfeited after one (1) year. 

Do you have a Zoning Ordinance or Regulatory Ordinance related complaint that you wish to report. If so, please click on the icon to the left to access the Zoning / Ordinance Complaint form. They can be forwarded to the Township Zoning Administrator at the Township Office for review. 

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Site Inspection - Ag/Residential (Non-Refundable)


Performance Bond (Refundable upon completion of Requirements)


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Site Inspection Fee Schedule:

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